Thursday, September 08, 2005


fu2urexposer:> Save the Whale

Ya Beauty

Scotland 1 v 1 Italy

Just one cornetto give it to me delicious ice cream from Italy na na na....bring on the World

Norway 1 v 2 Scotland

We're the greatest team in Europe and we're here to Save the Whale, Save the Whale Save the Whale....

Northern Ireland 1 v 0 England

...Sack the Swede Sack the Swede!!!

Back to Politics and Economics ooops I thought that's what I was already talking about.

Meanwhile in the other real World please give generously to any appeal for New Oreleans.
What chance has the rest of the World got if the US can't save themseves.

War, Terrorism, Poverty + the Environment any connections!?!
Save the Gulf, Save the Gulf

All the best