Thursday, September 08, 2005


fu2urexposer:> Save the Whale

Ya Beauty

Scotland 1 v 1 Italy

Just one cornetto give it to me delicious ice cream from Italy na na na....bring on the World

Norway 1 v 2 Scotland

We're the greatest team in Europe and we're here to Save the Whale, Save the Whale Save the Whale....

Northern Ireland 1 v 0 England

...Sack the Swede Sack the Swede!!!

Back to Politics and Economics ooops I thought that's what I was already talking about.

Meanwhile in the other real World please give generously to any appeal for New Oreleans.
What chance has the rest of the World got if the US can't save themseves.

War, Terrorism, Poverty + the Environment any connections!?!
Save the Gulf, Save the Gulf

All the best

Wednesday, June 22, 2005


fu2urexposer:> Dr I.N.Sane

Hi fellow practitioners

Welcome to ‘Operation 111’ What a stag 30 - 40 guys dressed up as Doctors (white coats, rubber gloves, face masks etc) and a token Nurse called Sharon (real name Chris) touring the Scottish Borders on a coach stopping in towns and villages and invading the local pubs. Met up at the Red Lion pub in Earlston on Saturday the 28th of May 2005 between 1-2pm. Had a few pints until there were about 25 of us then the coach arrived which took us all to Jedburgh to watch the Scottish Cup Final between Celtic and Dundee United on the T.V. Arrived in Jedburgh at about 3.00pm just in time for the match to start. When we went into the pub there were a few Celtic fans and five more guys at the bar dressed up as Doctors. What a laugh, watched the Final (Celtic won 1-0) and got drunk.

At about 6pm over 30 of us then charged back to the car park scaring local youths on the way to board the coach to Morebattle (a small village in the middle of the Border Hills).

When we got to Morebattle the driver said he his shift was finished and that another coach would come and pick us up in an hour – sounded doggie to me. We pilled into the Local hostelry – a few old codgers sitting at the bar. Great fun in this place, and the landlord also provided food. However the coach never turned up at its pre-arranged time, so best man Stevie started to panic and the rest of us proceeded to down more beverages, which meant we all started to get a bit merry or worse for the weather. Eventually the replacement coach arrived at about 9pm and we all boarded for our next stop – singing on the way.

10 minutes later we arrived at Yetholm famous for its connections with the ancient Scottish Gypsies and original home of Chris the Stag. The village pub was then raided although by now a lot of locals were also out on the peeve. We managed to party for another hour then the journey continued onto the ‘Huge Metropolis of Kelso’.

By now it was getting harder to keep everyone together – first bar was a laugh – there was other ‘Hen Nights’ out on the town and ‘Mods’ from England who were attending a local Scooter rally. A couple of other places were visited before they started to close then onto the local Kelso disco, by now some of the ‘Doctors on the Job’ were falling by the way side however the hardcore managed to get in and stay until the end at about 3am. Taxis back to Earlston was a major problem – some got them straight away others had to wait ages, a few minor incidents happened which were quite funny, but by then I was just glad to make it back to base. It’s a long crawl from Kelso to Earlston – would probably still be out there somewhere.

Anyway those who were on ‘Operation 111’ who have their own views or memories please submit your comments but remember not to incriminated your selves or your fellow Doctors – you don’t want to be struck of the Medical Register ha ha. Also if someone can remember the names of the bars that we visited that would be good.


Tuesday, May 31, 2005


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Friday, May 27, 2005


fu2urescape:> Bulletin #1


This is the first fu2urescape bulletin.

It is intended to give useful information, create an interactive matrix and create a knowledge exchange of anything e-business, Internet or New Technology.

EC e-business Legislation:
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Thursday, May 26, 2005


Let's Bounce

The fu2ure's here the fu2ure's ours

So Let's Bounce!

First well done to the Pool for there unbelievable victory.
Whether you like them or not what a come back and what a psyche out.

Anyway what I would like to know is can you see the fu2ure and do you know your history?